Naturally Tactile

Designed in-house, our Boyd collection offers a range of highly tactile furniture, rugs, artwork, and upholstery pieces. Each piece has been consciously crafted with naturally inspired textures, forms and materials which call out to be touched.


The Fine Art of the Handmade

We source our pieces from small, multi-generational family owned businesses, employing skilled artisans who weave together traditional and modern techniques. Each piece represents the expertise that has been passed from generation to generation, as each maker hones traditions and perfects their craft.

Hand-carved, hand-formed and hand-forged; these artisan techniques masterfully come together to form our carefully curated, collection. 

Passionate about Australian made upholstery, we also manufacture our own bespoke, custom lounges, crafted locally.


View the Boyd 'Playful Movement' PDF


View the Boyd 'Seasons Form' PDF


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