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If you haven’t shopped with us before, you might be wondering: “What need is there for designer lighting? What’s so special about lamps and lampshades? Lamps in NZ are such a commonplace and mundane item that thinking of them as pieces of designer lighting in NZ pieces might be strange to some. If you feel that way, we invite you to think about your perfect cosy room for a moment. It might include dark wood panelling, or a big fireplace, or plush couches and armchairs, but for almost everyone, that room will have one thing in common: a gentle, warm glow from well-designed lighting. A beautiful lamp can make or break any room both in terms of comfort and style. And whether you’re a tasteful homeowner or a hotel interior designer, you’re going to care about style.

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You’ll find tons of it here in our online lighting shop, where we have a massive range of lamps, lampshades, wall sconces, pendant lights, chandeliers, and plenty more. We’ve been operating and selling lamps in Auckland since 1925, which has given us plenty of time to refine our techniques and find our signature look. This isn’t ordinary elegance—it’s classic, confident, and completely flexible. Whatever your tastes are, you’ll find something for you here, and if you don’t see it right away, we can craft it custom-made for you. If you want something individualised, eye-catching, and gorgeous, this is the best place to purchase lamps in NZ.

Yours & Yours Alone: Leading Designer Lighting Store in NZ

A big part of our business here at Eunice Taylor (leading lighting store in NZ), is selling designer lighting in NZ, but we’re designers in our own right as well. If you find yourself wanting a piece that is specially crafted for your home, hotel, or office, you’ll find us more than happy to help you customise. Our customer service is just as first class as our selection of products, so our designers will work with you until you’re happy with your new lampshade. We can craft traditional stretch shades as well as a variety of other styles using various fabrics as required; in other words, just because we have a signature style doesn’t mean we aren’t adaptable and accommodating.

Best Online Lighting Shop in NZ: Repairs, Rewiring, Restoration, & More

As the best online lighting shops in NZ, we’re here for you well after you’ve purchased your new lamp or lampshade. While the quality of our products speaks for itself, even the best lampshades degrade over time; when they do, bring them right back to us and we can repair and restore them almost to brand-new quality. If you have other lamps that need rewiring to SAA standards before usage, we can handle these too.

Perhaps you already have a charming lampshade that you remember fondly; sadly, its colours have dulled with age, and it looks a little faded now. If that’s the case, we’re happy to offer our restoration services. We’ll breathe life and colour back into the lampshade. Whether your issue is age, damage, or a mix of the two, you can trust us to resolve it.

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If you have any enquiries about our NZ lighting products or services, we’re happy to answer them. You can reach us from both NZ and Australia, and you can find our contact details for both regions under “Contact Us.” Read Less


With over 1000 different styles to choose from we can offer various sizes, shapes and styles of lamp to create ambient light in every room of your home. We can also manufacture any lamp shade your heart desires and don’t forget if you have a favourite lamp shade that needs repairing or recovering, we can help you.


Incorporating lamps into your interior design can help you revolutionize the lighting in your home and highlight various accent pieces that you have on display. Lamps are helpful for setting the mood in specific rooms or also using them for specific purposes, like working in your home office or cuddling up in your favourite reading spot. You can select from our wide selection of lamps to find the lighting solution that is perfect for your home or project.