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If you’ve found your way to Eunice Taylor (leading supplier of lamps in NZ), it’s because you won’t settle for drab or mundane lighting options for your home or business. Whether you’re a nervous homeowner looking to decorate right or a seasoned architect with a vision, you care about every piece, down to the lamps and ceiling lights. We ask you to picture the ugliest lamp you’ve ever seen for a moment. Was it in a tacky waiting room, clashing with the carpet? Was it at an old relative’s house, with that relative refusing to throw it out? Did you spot it in a store and wonder who could ever buy such a thing? Read More

A Classy Shop for Finding Antique Table Lamps in NZ Online

We aim to be the antithesis to that. Since 1925, Eunice Taylor Ltd has been providing designer lamps, lampshades, and similar lighting products to customers all over New Zealand and Australia. Our roots give us an unshakable appreciation for classic and traditional designs, and our present success gives us the motivation to strive towards inspired contemporary choices. Our finely aged expertise also allows us to select, import, sell, restore, and repair antique lamps both from NZ and made internationally. We carry items from several designers who specialize in antique style lamps, chandeliers, and wall lights. So, if you want to buy antique table lamps in NZ, why not do so with a company that understands both lamps and antique elegance better than most?

Leading Antique Table Lamps in NZ: Respecting the Roots

If you’re looking for antique table lamps in NZ, you might already have some much older antique lamps in your home, hotel, restaurant, or bar that are nearing retirement age in appearance. Not everyone understands how to work with older materials for lampshades, and it can be hard to find specialists who can flawlessly repair or restore an antique lampshade to glory. With us, you’ve found just that sort of specialist.

Whether your issue is colour fading, torn or distressed material, or missing components, we’re equipped to repair and restore your lampshades or bases to almost new condition. We also have the expertise to rewire lamps according to SAA guidelines, allowing you the confidence that the rewiring repair complies with local regulatory requirements.

Revitalizing the Antique Table Lamps with Thomas O’Brien

Thomas O’Brien’s wares often come up in conversation whenever vintage or antique design is mentioned. O’Brien is the founder of one of the US’ biggest design companies, and his signature style looks to put a comfortable spin on typical modern design by drawing from traditional techniques. Lines become more intricate and flowing, some accents become a little ornate, and there’s greater use of metallic tones like brass, bronze, and copper. The result is a style that is sleeker and more streamlined than heavier antique designs while also being cosier and more complex than modern designs.

For any collector or follower of antique table lamps in NZ, our selection of Thomas O’Brien lighting will be enough to fall in love.

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We sell all types of lamps including hampton style lamps to bedside lamps in NZ.

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