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Table Lamps

One of the questions we receive rather frequently at Eunice Taylor (leading lighting shop in NZ), is “Are you Eunice?” Scandalous truth be told, none of us here are, in fact, Eunice Taylor. However, we honour the work she started in 1925 by continuing to both make and sell elegant and inspired designer lighting products such as table lamps in NZ, nearly a hundred years later. Throughout that time, we’ve made connections with chic lighting designers from all over the world, honed our own lampshade crafting skills, and made our customer service as efficient and easy as possible for our consumers. In other words, we’ve become very, very good at what we do. Read More

If You Want to Own the Prettiest Lamp in NZ, We Can Make That a Reality

If you want to fit out your home with gorgeous pendant lights that complement the wood panelling, you’ll find dozens of designs in our online shop. If your beloved old lamp’s shade was recently stained or ripped by accident, we’re experts with lampshade repair. If that same lamp has been in your family or home for decades now and is starting to dull with age, we can restore or re-cover that shade to make it look new. We aim to be helpful at every stage of designer lighting purchasing and upkeep, so you never have to go anywhere else for your needs.

If you want to buy a table lamp in NZ, you’ve just found a reputable, tasteful, and helpful company with which to shop. We take pride in our legacy of quality, and we’d be proud to help you become another satisfied customer of ours.

Your Choice of Bedside Table Lamps from Inspired NZ & Abroad Designers

Aside from making bespoke lampshades for discerning customers, we also sell table lamps across NZ from over a dozen NZ bedside table lamps designers:

  • Kate Spade New York
  • Suzanne Kasler
  • Thomas O’Brien
  • Aerin
  • Chapman & Myers
  • Michael S. Smith
  • Barbara Barry
  • Julie Neill
  • Alexa Hampton
  • Ian K. Fowler
  • J. Randall Powers
  • Studio VC
  • Christopher Spitzmiller

These are just some of the designers who make the table lamps in Christchurch, Auckland, and across the country. We also carry other brands which handle ceiling lights, wall lights, pendants, and more. We take pride in our elegance and aesthetic, so we make sure to carry only the best and offer only the best to our customers. Every designer name you might see in our shop is an artist in their own right, and we’re proud to offer you some of their artwork.

Why Choose Bedside Lamps for the Bedroom?

Bedside lights in New Zealand homes and commercial buildings – as well as all around the world – have always been a classy and popular bedroom staple that everyone should possess. A bedside touch lamp allows a room to be brightened from the comfort of the bed, without having to get up and stumble around switch the main lights on or off. Reading in bed is a common pastime to unwind and relax before sleeping, and a bedside reading lamp makes this part of the night time routine so much easier and convenient. Whilst main light fixtures do light up a room, they can be too bright for reading – even with low-wattage bulbs – causing a distracting glare at an awkward angle that makes reading more difficult to enjoy before sleeping. As such, an ambient bedside lights is the ideal solution, since it only illuminates that one particular space next to the bed at an ideal lower angle for reading, without being overwhelming and blinding.

Another great reason to have a bedroom lamp is to reduce energy consumption and save on electricity bills. These smaller bedside lights use minimal power because most designs have only one bulb – which can be lowered even further by opting for low wattage and/or LED. Other options can also include bulbs like compact fluorescents (CFL) – instead of traditional incandescents. In contrast, larger overhead lighting consumes hefty amounts of power to maintain sufficient lighting, which means higher energy bills over time – so what better excuse to indulge in a convenient NZ bedside lamp for bedtime activities other than sleeping?

Lastly, a beautiful lamp in NZ adds a decorative element with intricate detailing, ornate decorations, varied colours and shades, and an array of exquisite designs both modern and classic to complement and complete any bedroom lamps aesthetic. Many nightstands can be lacklustre in appearance, so adding a bed lamp brightens the space up whilst adding beauty and functionality at the same time to that small bedside area. There are also bedside wall lamps that function just the same and look just as dreamy without taking up bedside table space.

We Can Offer You Your Dream Brass Table Lamp in NZ

Since the 1920s, we’ve had many years to connect with other big names in designer lighting and bring you their beautiful lamps, wall sconces, chandeliers, and more. We’ve also become impeccable in our services of lampshade repair, re-covering, and restoration. Not every brand has had nearly a century to work on their customer service and craftsmanship; when you shop with us, you’ll see the difference.

If you want to buy a brass table lampin NZ to complete your dining room arrangement, this shop carries the most elegant options available.

Buy Lamps in New Zealand Today

We’re confident that we carry something for every discerning eye in our shop, but if you don’t see what you’re looking for currently in our stock, we invite you to check again after a short while. We’re always looking for new pieces to keep fashionable and sleek. Failing that you can contact us and we will make specific enquiries with our suppliers to locate that special lamp. You’ll find all of our most recent pieces under “New Arrivals” in the navigation bar.

Buy the Classiest Lamps for your NZ Home

Looking to upgrade your castle with best lamps in Christchurch? For many of us, home is the only place that truly belongs to us. You have complete control over how your space looks and how it’s managed, cleaned and treated. When everything else gets stressful, home is often the only comfort we have. So, naturally, the home should be as comfortable as possible by being as uniquely yours as possible. That’s where we at Eunice Taylor come in. If you want to personalise the rooms in your home, why not do so with beautiful lampshades that were made to your specifications, using your aesthetic tastes, according to your vision? You can feel cosy and classy in your home knowing that no other building in the world has lighting design like yours.

Bring Your Rooms to Life With Table Lamps in NZ

We serve clientele from both NZ and Australia, and we make sure all purchases, including your new small glass table lamp, arrive safely and securely wherever you happen to be ordering from. If you wish to order a specific product, simply enquire about it using the “Enquire Now” button. If you have any enquiries in general about our lamps in Auckland, lamps in Christchurch or general NZ lamps stock or services, you can also reach us from anywhere in NZ or Australia; our contact details are under “Contact Us.”

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