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Eunice Taylor’s stylish selection of wooden floor lamps is sure to impress. With a wide range to choose from that fit harmoniously with any kind of aesthetic, we’re sure to have the perfect piece for your home or commercial business. Strong, sturdy and stylish, our wooden floor lamp options are the perfect choice for those looking to add a top-quality and stylish lighting solution to their space. They serve as a stunning piece of furniture, as well as injecting ambience into an atmosphere. And, since they are standalone without needing any professional installation, they’re a handy lighting solution that is hassle-free. No matter what style you seek, shop our range of beautiful wooden floor lamps in NZ from our online store, with delivery all taken care of. Read More

Why Choose a Wooden Floor Lamp?

Wooden floor lamps in New Zealand homes and commercial spaces are a stylish staple and signature statement piece in any room. This intelligently designed kind of light is a tall-standing device that typically ranges from 1.2 meters to 2 meters in height, though many different height and size options are available. Quick and easy to install, and available in a wide array of styles, this kind of floor lighting boasts not just pleasing aesthetics, but also the benefit of several uses.

One of the many benefits of this lighting is that the light it emits is elevated, delivering a clever illusion of a higher vertical space that opens up the room at an entirely different level. These wooden floor lamps also light up an area at eye level, which balances the brightness and glare from other lights in a room. And because they are typically placed at shoulder level when seated, they’re ideal for reading, watching television, working at a desk, or doing other seated activities without being as overwhelming and glaring as overhead main lights. Overall, these are the top advantages that make this intelligent type of lighting a superb option for both homes and commercial use.

Another reason why a wooden floor lamp is an ideal addition to any space is that they are so simple to install. They’re portable and very quick and easy to move around, which means that changing a room around is convenient – as is putting a floor lamp in another room entirely. Whether it’s to spruce up and change around a room or add lighting to specific areas for functionality, this kind of light allows for versatility in its use, as well as creativity and the freedom to completely redesign a space in an instant.

This also means that these floor lamps are often a more affordable option than other kinds of lighting that require professional installation because they simply can be placed and plugged in for use without professional intervention.

What’s more, NZ wooden floor lamps exude a unique charm, complementing most kinds of interior themes and adding chic accents whilst being highly functional. They come in a wealth of stunning styles and designs under a range of top designers, making them one of the most popular and sought-after pieces of lighting and decoration that instantly liven and brighten a room with a warming ambience. From modern contemporary and minimalistic styles to classic and slick traditional designs, there is a myriad of NZ wooden floor lamp options available that complement any interior. Finally, there’s also the style of wood to consider – be it rich browns or crisp light and airy woods, our sleek collection will have something that’ll stand out to you.

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