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Eunice Taylor supplies customised commercial lighting for hotels, lodges, resorts, retirement villages, shopping malls, restaurants, businesses and community centres throughout New Zealand, Australia, Fiji, Tonga and the Islands. The vast range of lighting suitable for commercial purposes can be viewed below and under ALL PRODUCTS.

Most lights in the Commercial category have MOQs, i.e. minimum quantity requirements however,  if approximately half the MOQ is required, the wholesale price will be an additional 50% on the price shown whereas if only one or two lights are required, the supplier will go into production and supply them at the sample pricepoint, which invariably is double the normal wholesale price. Please enquire to confirm.

From traditional, ornate chandeliers to more contemporary styles, Eunice Taylor Ltd has access to an extensive range of indent top quality, crystal chandeliers fit for residential and commercial interiors. Each breathtaking creation, with its timeless elegance and sophistication, transcends the ordinary, becoming the focal point of any space. Made with high quality crystal and a choice of metal finishes, the bespoke chandeliers can be customized to fit your interior perfectly. Examples of these beautiful designs can be seen in the ET Products/chandelier category on our website. Contact us at for quotes and more information.